About Us

Area Solar, a C Corporation, was established in 2018. Founders, Bill and Riley, have had a long interest in renewable energy. Having installed photovoltaic systems in their own houses, they realized they could provide these systems to other people and businesses in their area. We can provide excellent quality products and service at prices competetive with your current electricity provider. Now YOU can produce your own electricity!


To promote the transition to sustainable, renewable solar energy by bringing todays newest solar technology directly to YOU.


We believe we should all work toward a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Essentially all life on our planet is sustained by energy from the sun. We can follow Mother Natures example and use photovoltaic solar technology to generate our electricity.

Our Services

Our solar power instillations come with all the bells and whistles you deserve. We size the system, install it and provide exeptional customer service for years to come.



This includes system sizing, filing paperwork with the power company, and installing all of the components.

Lifetime Support

We provide support for the lifetime of your system. That’s a long time!

Solar Power

Currently, we offer grid-tie solar systems. These systems effectively run your meter backwards and canĀ  even reduce your annual power bill to zero.


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