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YOU can now afford to join the Renewable Energy revolution that’s transforming the world. Electricity from sunlight is now LESS EXPENSIVE than that generated with fossil fuels. We can bring this amazing technology directly to your home, business or farm. Get your power directly from Mother Nature, delivered wirelessly to you from 93 million miles away! Let us connect you to the solar energy future.

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Our solar power installations come with all the bells and whistles you deserve. We size the system, install it and provide exeptional customer service for years to come.



This includes system sizing, filing paperwork with the power company, and installing all of the components.

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We provide support for the lifetime of your system. That’s a long time!

Solar Power

Currently, we offer grid-tie solar systems and are rapidly expanding our reach into off grid solar systems.

About Us

Area Solar, a C Corporation, was established in 2018. Founders, Bill and Riley, have had a long interest in renewable energy. Having installed photovoltaic systems in their own houses, they realized they could provide these systems to other people and businesses in their area. We can provide excellent quality products and service at prices competetive with your current electricity provider. Now YOU can produce your own electricity!


To promote the transition to sustainable, renewable solar energy by bringing todays newest solar technology directly to YOU.


We believe we should all work toward a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Essentially all life on our planet is sustained by energy from the sun. We can follow Mother Natures example and use photovoltaic solar technology to generate our electricity.

Helpful information

Choosing the right system for you

The most difficult challenge we face when deciding to go solar is “What is right for me?” There are a few different choices. Grid-tied, off grid, meter zero and many more. Let’s talk about these three.

Grid tied is when you keep your house on the power company but “sell” back the power you generate. It’s the most cost-effective solution because it doesn’t require batteries to operate, and your wallet sees relief very quickly. The limitation with this system is when the grid goes down for any reason you are without power. (of course, you could add batteries, but we are talking affordable) The power company must make money to stay alive, so they have set fees for connecting and certain limitations that keep you from making money on them.

Off grid systems are great for when getting a powerline is too expensive. The thought of generating your own power is amazing. Completely self-reliant. The limitation of this system is the number of batteries to sustain your way of living may be very costly. Most off-grid systems would require having a backup generator just in case the sun doesn’t decide to shine very often like we see in the winter months. Off grid falls into the most expensive category because of the number of batteries and extra learning required to operate.

Meter zero is a great in between solution to feeling off grid but also capturing the major savings from going solar. Meter zero keeps you on grid for when you have an extremely large load or family over for the holidays and the air is on more than normal. It only sends the amount of power you need into the house. These operate with or without batteries.


Don’t just take it from us, listen to what our customers are saying.

“Wow! My husband and I went with the grid-tie system that Area-Solar recommended for us. Let me tell you, it is a game changer! Our electric bill ranges from $6-$20 per month now compared to the old $90 to $150 per month. The whole process was simple and the panels are very discreet on my roof. I don’t even notice it when I am outside. We plan to add battery back-up in the near future for some extra security. I would highly recommend Area-Solar if you are interested in a solar panel system. It’s clear to me now that this system will pay for itself quickly.” 

Larissa J.

Grid-Tie System Owner


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